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Professionally, with discretion and in a language you can understand.
We provide effective and creative solutions.
Every detail counts.
Professionally, with discretion
and in a language
you can understand.
We provide effective
and creative solutions.
Every detail counts.

10 reasons,

to choose the legal services
of the law firm LOVÁSZ LEGAL:

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10 reasons,

to choose the legal services
of the law firm LOVÁSZ LEGAL

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Our Services

Business law

establishment of business companies, design of a suitable form of business (preparation of documentation in several languages according to the client's needs)
registration of changes in the Commercial Register, representation in commercial disputes
consulting in business transactions, M&A
liquidation of commercial companies
representation in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings
drawing up business contracts
consultancy for e-shops and startups
processing of legal opinions according to the client's assignment

Civil law

preparation and revision of contracts 
representation in civil litigation and inheritance proceedings
claiming damages and non-pecuniary damage, unjust enrichment
complete coverage of the real estate transfer (consultancy, preparation of contracts, verification of signatures or authorization of the real estate transfer contract, securing the safekeeping of funds on the deposit account of our office, submission of a deposit proposal and communication with the land registry office)
advice on land readjustment, representation in real estate disputes

Criminal law

defense throughout the criminal proceedings
emphasis on a complete review of all the possibilities that we can use in the defense of the client at any given stage of the proceedings
maintaining contact with clients so that they are always informed about the current state of criminal proceedings, even if they are serving a sentence or in custody
representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings, including the exercise of the right to compensation for damage and non-pecuniary damage

Labour law

preparation of employment contracts, management contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship
termination of employment counselling
preparation of the employer's internal guidelines and other regulations 
representation in labour disputes (employees and employers)

Medical law

preparation of contractual documentation for the medical facilities
advice on setting up a form of business in healthcare
preparation of internal guidelines of the medical facility
drafting legal opinions for healthcare and pharmacy care providers

Consulting for banks

checking the creditworthiness of potential clients
setting up contractual documentation
advice on the possibility of securing credit and debt recognition
debt collection with emphasis on time and financial aspects 
monitoring of the debtor in relation to possible insolvency proceedings, seizure or sale of the mortgaged property

Real estate

comprehensive coverage of real estate transfer
development projects
preparation and revision of contracts
verification of signatures / authorization of the real estate transfer contract 
ensuring the safekeeping of funds in the safekeeping account of our law firm
submission of a proposal for deposit and representation in land registry office proceedings
representation in construction proceedings

Register of public sector partners (RPVS)

services of an authorized person
of a public sector partner 
entry of the public sector
partner in the register
end-user verification of benefits
➤ we provide this service only in Slovakia

legal services

 verification of the creditworthiness of your clients and contractual partners (insolvency, seizure of assets, condition of assets), also possible as a permanent monitoring
egal due diligence (in person or by virtual data room) - complete due diligence of the target company (target) with a focus on corporate documents, property, contracts and other legal areas (according to the business activities of a particular subject)
regular reports on legislative changes
training on your chosen topics in your company (training can also take place in German, Slovak, Czech or Hungarian)
regular provision of legal services directly at the client's registered office (it is possible to arrange any interval)

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