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We invite you
to an initial consultation

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We will help you to choose the right path.

The initial consultation can take place in person, by video conference or by telephone.

The initial consultation serves to inform us about your legal matter, what legal steps you have already taken and what is your intention, resp. what you would like to achieve. Our office will evaluate the matter factually and legally, suggest specific solutions, point out the legal risks, analyse which alternative would be the most effective in the matter with regard to your objectives and what legal steps should be taken. At the end of the initial consultation, we will agree with you on the amount and method of remuneration for legal services (hourly rate, performance fee, share or lump sum fee, fee paid from your legal protection insurance, etc.). All information from the initial consultation will then be sent to you by e-mail. Based on this information, you will then be able to decide whether to use some of our other legal services.

The lump sum
for the initial consultation is EUR 60,-.

The lump sum includes the activities listed above. The purpose of the initial consultation is a basic legal analysis and a brief assessment of the case (not detailed and binding legal advice).

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